SwissX Drives Green Revolution in Antigua and Barbuda

SwissX Drives Green Revolution in Antigua and Barbuda

The Genesis of SwissX

Antigua and Barbuda emerge as hotspots for sustainable development initiatives, with SwissX leading the charge in environmental conservation.

Founded by Ambassador Alkiviades (Alki) David, SwissX initially focused on CBD products before expanding into diverse areas, including cryptocurrency and environmental initiatives.

Carbon Offset Initiatives

SwissX pioneers carbon credit offset projects, managing 400 million tonnes of carbon credits through farmer cooperatives, reforestation, and regional regeneration programs.

Leveraging Blockchain for Sustainability

SwissX leverages blockchain and cryptocurrency, particularly XRP, to drive economic growth while addressing environmental challenges. It uses digital tokens based on carbon offset credits.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Each carbon credit, worth $40 to $80 per tonne, fuels economic growth while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Antigua and Barbuda citizens are offered $1 million tokens.

Fostering Sustainable Practices

SwissX incentivizes sustainability and invests in eco-friendly projects, creating positive environmental impacts and economic value for local communities.

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Eco-friendly Fuel Production

SwissX ventures into vegetable diesel production from sargassum seaweed in Antigua and Barbuda, demonstrating eco-friendly car operations at the upcoming SIDS Conference.

Mangrove Restoration Initiatives

SwissX spearheads mangrove planting projects crucial for coastal ecosystems, marine habitats, erosion prevention, and carbon sequestration.

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