Why its Useful?

Contests around climate action promote innovation and awareness, engaging diverse communities to tackle pressing environmental issues. Through creative solutions and collaboration, these initiatives drive meaningful change for a sustainable future

How it works?

Challenge accepted! Unleash your green thumb (or brain!) in Climatora's online contest. Submit, compete fiercely (but kindly!), and win big for the planet. Let's go!.

What you will get?

Beyond potential prizes, contests offer invaluable rewards. Gain recognition, build your portfolio, and open doors to exciting opportunities. It's not just about winning but about the journey that transforms you.

Calling all college cartoonists! Unleash your inner satirist and visionary in the Climatora & SVT Comic Strip Competition for Sustainability! Craft a visually captivating and narratively engaging comic strip that tackles the most pressing sustainability issues our planet faces. We’re looking for stories that spark conversation, inspire action, and leave a lasting impact.

Engage in a unique and informative voting experience! This challenge, centered around five questions on bamboo toothbrushes, aims to promote awareness and inspire eco-conscious choices. Your participation actively contributes to the movement for eco-friendly oral care, fostering a community committed to sustainability.

Join the Bamboo Toothbrush Eco-Warrior Challenge today – let’s collectively make every brush count in the fight against plastic waste. Together, we can create a positive change for our planet!


Aware of climate contests around you ?

Write to us, and we will amplify across the world.

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