Aurassure Partners with Tech Major to Enhance Air Quality Data Availability

Aurassure Partners with Tech Major to Enhance Air Quality Data Availability

Hyperlocal climate-tech company Aurassure has joined forces with a tech major to bridge significant data gaps in understanding Air Quality, particularly in India. This partnership aims to provide IoT-enabled intelligent systems to address environmental concerns effectively.

Empowering Governments and Individuals

The collaboration between Aurassure and the tech major commenced with a pilot project in Bhubaneswar, where devices were installed in public buses and various city locations. This initiative allows government stakeholders to formulate targeted action plans for improving air quality and identifying pollution hotspots.

Democratizing Access to Air Quality Data

Founder Akanksha Priyadarshini highlights Aurassure’s mission to democratize comprehensive air quality data access. By providing real-time pollution levels, individuals and governments can make informed decisions about daily activities and choose cleaner travel routes, ultimately contributing to a healthier environment.

Ensuring Data Accuracy and Reliability

Aurassure’s sensors ensure high accuracy, with correlation factors exceeding 85% with government monitoring stations. This reliability fosters users’ trust and encourages individuals and government stakeholders to take targeted actions to mitigate pollution effectively.

Collaborative Efforts with Government Entities

Aurassure has actively partnered with government entities to address air quality issues collaboratively. Through pilot projects and formal agreements with municipalities in cities like Aurangabad, Navi Mumbai, and Chennai, the company is working towards monitoring and improving air quality on a broader scale.

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