Amazon will launch its renewable energy trading business in India

Amazon will launch its renewable energy trading business in India

The Indian government gave Amazon the go-ahead to begin trading renewable energy sources there.

The e-commerce giant is developing many wind and solar projects in India after obtaining a category-III energy trading license. The business is permitted to trade up to 4,000 million units of electricity annually under a category III license.

In India, Amazon has inked contracts for the purchase of 720 MW worth of electricity. Additionally, it has agreements with partners like Brookfield Renewable, Vibrant Energy, ReNew Power Global, and Amp Energy India. Through its newly formed business, AEI New Energy Trading Pvt. Ltd., Amazon will manage all of its energy trade. ReNew Power and Amazon agreed to supply 210 MW of solar Energy in September last year. The Rajasthan state in the north will be the site of the 210 MW solar project. ReNew Energy is one of India’s largest renewable energy businesses when measured by operating capacity. One of Amazon’s three solar renewable energy initiatives in India is the solar farm. The second project, a 100 MW venture with Amp Energy, is ongoing. A 110 MW project with Brookfield Renewables is the third project.

The business is currently working on five utility-scale renewable energy projects in India. These three solar farms’ combined yearly renewable energy output is 1,076,000 megawatt hours (MWh). This would supply Delhi’s 360,000 medium-sized homes with all their electrical needs. Additionally, Amazon revealed two more utility-scale renewable energy projects after the previous year. Amazon will collaborate with Vibrant Energy to build two hybrid solar-wind projects in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. 300 MW is the combined capacity of these projects.

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