We are Climatora!

A platform for celebrating individual climate actions.

At a time when the climate crisis takes center stage of every discussion, when SGD13 deliberations move beyond conference rooms and the impact of climate protests led by students inspires enough to become a global protest, Climatora takes shape to contribute to the noble cause of climate change mitigation. So, what do we intend to do? Keep it simple. Help people.

  • LEARN about climate change through self-paced online courses curated by climate experts.
  • TRACK climate vulnerability indices around them.
  • CALCULATE their carbon footprint.
  • ACT on mitigating climate risks through carbon offsetting projects.
  • BE INFORMED about news and events on climate change from across the world.

As a first step to raising awareness about climate change, its debilitating effects, and the efforts that can mitigate the greater risk of destruction, Climatora is driven by the mission of making individual climate actions happen, one step at a time. If you wish to be a member, join us. We would be more than happy to have a helping mind!

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