UGC Mandates Environmental Studies in Undergraduate Degrees

UGC : Promoting Climate Change Awareness and Sustainability

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has mandated that all undergraduate degrees include environmental studies.]to promote Climate Change Awareness and Sustainability

Environmental education will cover climate change, pollution, sanitation, waste management, biological diversity conservation, sustainable development, forest and wildlife conservation, biological resource management, and biodiversity under UGC norms.

The Union Ministry of Education ordered these UGC guidelines. The UGC stated that they had notified all universities of their official rules. These standards require all undergraduate programs to include environmental education as a primary subject.

“The Education Ministry’s online platform ‘SWAYAM’ is also offering videos and e-content for the subject,” the UGC stated. The Education Ministry says higher education institutions nationwide can use online instructional material.

The Education Ministry claimed environmental education is multidisciplinary. This is why higher education institutions can apply this subject using their way. The UGC declared this environment-related course is learning outcome-based. These rules follow the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP).

The UGC feels the standards prioritize environmental education in undergraduate degrees. The curriculum promotes environmental awareness and sustainability.

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