PepsiCo India and The Social Lab Pioneering Tidy Trails for a Greener Agra

Tidy Trails Reaches Agra

PepsiCo India and The Social Lab: Pioneering Tidy Trails for a Greener Agra


In a stride towards a more sustainable future, PepsiCo India and The Social Lab (TSL) are taking their transformative Tidy Trails campaign to new heights. This dynamic collaboration has now extended its reach to the vibrant city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. To promote plastic circularity and bolster environmental consciousness, this expansion holds the promise of fostering positive change on multiple fronts.

Agra’s Transformational Journey

Backed by Agra Nagar Nigam, the Tidy Trails campaign is set to catalyze change in Agra. This initiative aims to share invaluable insights and best practices with local businesses, elevating their plastic waste management and recycling efforts. The initiative’s impact is set to resonate beyond mere environmental benefits; it will contribute to the evolution of a more sustainable and conscious society.

Mobile Van Magic: A Unique Approach

Central to the Tidy Trails initiative is its ingenious mobile van. This mobile marvel takes on the role of a plastic waste collector, traversing Agra to gather post-consumer plastic waste from over 500 local businesses spanning five market organizations. The results are remarkable: 50 kilograms of plastic waste were collected daily during the trial month, all destined for recycling. As a testament to the initiative’s commitment to fostering responsible waste disposal, over 500 branded dustbins were distributed across these businesses, further nurturing the culture of waste segregation.

Recycling Magic: Turning Plastic Waste into Functional Art

PepsiCo India’s involvement in plastic waste management goes beyond rhetoric. Through the Tidy Trails initiative, plastic waste is not just collected; it’s transformed into something valuable and sustainable. Plastic waste collected from local shops is skillfully recycled, finding new life as seats and chairs. These innovative, green designs will soon find their place in Agra’s parks and offices, underscoring the campaign’s vision of blending aesthetics with eco-friendliness. A remarkable 60 plastic benches, crafted from 21st-century polymers, will soon grace Agra’s public spaces, making a statement about the power of repurposing.

A Trail of Success: From Mathura Vrindavan to Agra

The Tidy Trails campaign, which spread its wings in Mathura Vrindavan in September 2021, is now weaving its success story in Agra. Conceived initially to empower locals to take charge of their surroundings, the program has transcended its core goal. The impact has been profound: an impressive 25,000 kilograms of plastic waste have been collected from 800 metropolitan businesses. This campaign has also engaged with over 6.2 lakh individuals through a multifaceted approach, including awareness drives, festive events, street plays (nukkad-nataks), and spirited competitions.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Cleaner, Greener Agra

As the Tidy Trails campaign stretches its wings to envelop Agra, it brings with it the promise of positive transformation. The collaborative efforts of PepsiCo India and The Social Lab are setting the stage for change that extends beyond waste management. By reimagining plastic waste as a resource, fostering awareness, and inspiring communities, Tidy Trails leaves an indelible mark on Agra’s landscape and nurtures a culture of responsible environmental stewardship.

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