Revolutionizing Sustainability in Packaging

Sustainability Redefined: Discover the Bottle That’s Changing Packaging History!

Revolutionizing Sustainability Packaging: The Award-Winning Invention That’s Changing the Game


Discover how Krones‘ innovative ShoulderFlex bottle is transforming sustainability in packaging and winning accolades.

This year’s German Packaging Prize in the “Sustainability” category was awarded to an extraordinary contender – Krones’ ShoulderFlex bottle. What sets this bottle apart is its incredibly light weight of just 5.9 grams, making it a game-changer in sustainable packaging.

The ShoulderFlex bottle redefines the concept of material savings. Utilizing up to 50% less material compared to standard 0.5-liter water bottles, it’s a significant leap towards lowering the carbon footprint associated with packaging. This reduction in material usage conserves resources and contributes to minimizing environmental impact.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the ShoulderFlex bottle offers fresh air to the packaging industry. Its lightweight design directly translates to efficient transportation, reducing emissions and energy consumption. This greener approach aligns perfectly with the global push towards eco-conscious solutions.

Beyond its weight, the ShoulderFlex bottle boasts another practical advantage – stackability. During production and processing, these bottles can be stacked with ease. What’s impressive is that they can be filled to a top load of up to 40 kg, even without the traditional stabilizing impact of nitrogen pressurization. This innovation not only optimizes storage but also streamlines the entire production cycle.

A solid commitment to ethical packaging practices lies at the heart of Krones’ innovation. Martin Loistl and Jochen Forsthövel, part of the development team, emphasize the importance of utilizing packaging materials responsibly. The ShoulderFlex bottle showcases how sustainable packaging solutions can coexist with convenience and stability, rivaling traditional bottles.

Krones’ ShoulderFlex bottle’s recognition at the German Packaging Prize exemplifies the industry’s shift towards sustainability. As the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions grows, innovations like these set the stage for a more sustainable future. By reimagining packaging design and challenging conventional norms, Krones has shown that even minor changes can make a monumental impact.

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