Sprih Raises $3 Mn to Aid Companies in Carbon Emission Reduction.

Sprih Raises $3 Mn to Aid Companies in Carbon Emission Reduction

Funding for Carbon Emission Reduction 

Cleantech startup Sprih has secured a significant seed funding of $3 million, led by Leo Capital, with contributions from entrepreneurs and climate experts globally. The freshly acquired capital will primarily fuel sales and marketing endeavors, talent acquisition for AI model development focused on climate, and expanding the partner ecosystem to facilitate the implementation of climate solutions for customers.

Revolutionizing Sustainability Goals

Founded in 2022 by Akash Keshav, Ravi Singhal, Rohit Toshniwal, and Hemant Joshi, Sprih is an AI-powered cleantech platform dedicated to guiding companies in efficiently achieving their sustainability objectives.

Accelerating Market Presence

Keshav, one of the founders, expressed the company’s readiness to escalate growth, enhance the team, and introduce innovative solutions to the market with the influx of this capital. He highlighted the challenges businesses face due to stringent climate regulations and emphasized Sprih’s role in addressing these challenges.

Data-Driven Sustainability Strategy

With a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, Sprih offers technological solutions to enable businesses to develop data-driven and action-oriented sustainability strategies. It aims to seamlessly integrate corporate success with environmental sustainability.

Diverse Client Base and Research Partnerships

Sprih caters to companies across various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, chemical, IT, and higher education. Notable clients include Indigo Paints, Hero Motors, and Arvind SmartSpaces. The startup has also forged research collaborations with esteemed institutions like IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay.

Global Expansion Plans

In the upcoming years, Sprih envisions expanding its customer base in India and extending its footprint to critical markets in the USA, Europe, and beyond, aligning with its mission to drive global environmental sustainability through technological innovation.

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