Sheep Inc Introduces World’s First Zero-Carbon T-Shirt with Negative Carbon Footprint

Sheep Inc, a knitwear manufacturer, has released the world’s first naturally negative carbon footprint t-shirt with an NFC tag to track its origins and environmental impact. Sheep Inc claims its low carbon footprint t-shirt is the product of sustainable supply chain innovation and regenerative farming.

The brand claims to be the first ecological and regenerative fashion brand to create knitwear that combines nature and science. Sheep Inc. says its suppliers and manufacturers work synergistically to avoid impact and improve performance.

Three New Zealand regenerative sheep stations—Lake Hawea Station, Middlehurst Station, and Omarama Station—provided extra-fine 19.5μ Merino wool for the t-shirt.

Sheep Inc claims these farms are leaders in regenerative farming and land management and use feeding and grazing methods that capture more CO2e than they emit. The brand’s European partners spin yarn, make clothing, and run logistics using 100% solar power from this carbon-negative wool fiber.

Sheep Inc. notes that Portuguese specialized knitter Fatextil uses its 100% solar-powered, 3D full garment knitting equipment to make each t-shirt with zero waste. According to the manufacturer, Merino wool’s self-cleansing and zero-odor retention cut washing and drying emissions.

Sheep Inc promises every t-shirt is 100% biodegradable to leave no trace after use. Sheep Inc.’s hand-finished “smit-mark” embellishment on the back of the neck uses factory branch yarn to save waste. The brand uses a removable, bio-based EcoPAXX NFC tag at the garment’s hem to track and trace the procedure.

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