O, my friend Ganesha!

O, my friend Ganesha!

We Hope by now, Ganesha will have warmed your hearts and hearths. And hopefully, in your zeal for celebrations, your POP idol did not just leave the Earth a tad bit warmer! Typically, this festival’s preparations begin weeks before the actual day. However, one significant decision you must make during the festivities: choose eco-friendly Ganesha idols over the conventional Plaster of Paris ones. The eco-friendly Ganesh Idols may be created just as quickly and inexpensively as those made of POP, but they are much better for the environment and your health.

Clay, natural fibers, paper, and other biodegradable materials are used to create Ganesha idols that are environmentally friendly. When submerged in water, these idols break down more quickly and cause less environmental damage than those made of POP. Here are four reasons why choosing an eco-friendly Ganesha idol is the best course of action to assist you in making the transition to a more environmentally friendly Ganesh Chaturti.
Ganesha statues constructed of POP have a downside: POP is challenging to disintegrate, with severe repercussions like polluted water. The substance also raises the acidity of water sources, potentially wiping out aquatic life. You must understand that marine life is a crucial component of our ecology. They contribute to the clean, wholesome water and the reduction of common pests like mosquitoes. In addition to all of this, studies have revealed that individuals who consume this contaminated water experience a variety of illnesses, including infections, lung disease, and problems with the skin, blood, and eyes.

POP contains substances including sulfur, gypsum, phosphorus, and magnesium. These idols are frequently painted with dyes that also include mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and carbon. When these idols are submerged in familiar water sources (such as the sea, ponds, lakes, etc.), the water becomes heavily poisoned with metal and other toxins, killing aquatic animals and vegetation. This not only results in the occurrence known as “dead water bodies,” where the water body is devoid of all life, but it also increases the risk of heavy metal poisoning from eating fish tainted with these metals. These heavy metals are known to affect the body’s neurological, circulatory, and digestive systems when eaten.

In addition to the concerns listed above, the dyes frequently used to decorate POP Ganesha statues can be dangerous for you and your family. In addition, the glitter often utilized to give the idol its distinctive sparkle could end up on your hands and clothing. This glitter can harm your lungs and eyes and, in rare cases, induce allergies when inhaled. An eco-friendly Ganesha idol, however, carries none of those dangers.

To create your own eco-friendly Ganesha idol, you can choose from a range of materials like paper mache, clay, aata, and even turmeric. The fact that you may construct your own eco-friendly Ganesha statues is the most pleasing thing about having one. At first, you might need some direction, but later on, making your idol can be a lot of fun. The entire activity may be an excellent way for your family to spend time together and gives everyone a chance to express their creativity.

If you are ruing your choice of POP idols this year, fret not! Ensure you do not bid farewell to him in the open water zones. Instead, use allotted water tanks to contain the contamination and take the vow to go eco-friendly for next year.

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