Levidian Makes Strides in ClimateTech with New UAE Hub

Levidian Makes Strides in ClimateTech with New UAE Hub

ClimateTech with New UAE Hub

Cambridge climate technology innovator Levidian is breaking new ground by launching its first international expansion in Abu Dhabi. Timed strategically amidst the UAE’s rapid growth as an innovative energy transition hub, Levidian’s move signifies a significant leap in the global fight against climate change.

Levidian’s pioneering LOOP device takes center stage, offering a solution to capture carbon from hard-to-abate industries like oil and gas. These industries contribute 15% to global energy-related emissions. Notably, the LOOP device captures carbon and produces clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene.

Graphene, known as a wonder material, is at the heart of Levidian’s innovative approach. This material can enhance the intrinsic characteristics of products across major industries such as steel, aluminum, batteries, and petrochemicals.

With over 20 oil and gas producers committing to eliminating methane emissions and gas flaring by the decade’s end, Levidian’s technology becomes a timely and valuable asset. As a climate leader, the UK sees this as an opportunity to showcase its expertise on the international stage.

Rob Bricker, Director for Business and Trade UAE, UK Government, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Levidian is a great example of how UK companies are supporting efforts to tackle climate change in the Middle East. This expansion is a testament to the strong economic ties between the UK and UAE.”

Key Milestones and COP28 Preparations

Levidian’s strategic move includes installing a LOOP demonstration unit at one of ADNOC’s gas facilities in Abu Dhabi ahead of COP28. COP28, the upcoming climate conference, underscores the urgency of addressing methane emissions, a challenge Levidian’s technology is uniquely poised to tackle.

John Hartley, Levidian CEO, emphasizes the critical role of scaling LOOP technology in the global fight against methane emissions. He notes, “The opportunities for us in the Middle East, and specifically in the UAE, mean the region is central to our growth strategy. We look forward to establishing Levidian as a leading decarbonization company in the region.”

Founded in 2012, Levidian’s patented LOOP technology is a breakthrough in methane cracking, producing hydrogen and high-quality green graphene. The company’s Research and Development Technology Centre in Cambridge offers consultancy services to aid the development of graphene-enhanced products.

Levidian is already working on global deployments, including a project with United Utilities in Manchester to decarbonize biogas in wastewater treatment. Luxembourg construction firm Stugalux will also use Levidian graphene to strengthen building materials.

This expansion marks a significant achievement for Levidian and positions the UAE as a critical player in the global push for sustainable and innovative ClimateTech solutions. Stay tuned for updates on Levidian’s impactful journey in revolutionizing carbon capture and decarbonization.

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