Launch of the First Climate Tech Startup Studio by NASA and FedTech

NASA is working with FedTech to establish a climate-focused NASA FedTech Startup Studio to aid in commercializing the use of NASA climate-related technology to benefit the general population.

FedTech, an organization that connects entrepreneurs with technology from federal labs, and NASA Technology Transfer Expansion will choose entrepreneurs to use NASA’s technologies to develop commercial solutions for climate issues like water conservation, renewable energy storage, and toxic chemical cleanups. The Startup Studio will put entrepreneurs in teams to create new goods and services by matching them with NASA’s licensable patents.

This new NASA FedTech Startup Studios cohort will only focus on climate-related technology and projects.

The NASA Technology Transfer Expansion program, a component of NASA’s Technology Transfer program, is said to assist in accelerating the commercialization of NASA-developed technology and establishing new businesses through collaborations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and academic engagements.

NASA and FedTech. The new project will assist participants in overcoming the difficulties of beginning a firm. Participants will be divided into complementary teams based on their areas of interest, aptitude, and experience. The Startup Studio, which will launch in June, is currently selecting the technology and hiring the entrepreneurs. With NASA technology for, among other things, solar power, wind turbines, environmental monitoring, and waste management, the Startup Studio will lead teams through the business model cycle. The 16-week project will culminate in a showcase event in Wilmington, Delaware, in October, where the groups will present their ideas to judges chosen by FedTech and NASA Technology Transfer Expansion.

FedTech will manage the program on behalf of NASA.

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