Kerala Government Partners with Startups to Revolutionize Waste Management

Kerala Government Partners with Startups to Revolutionize Waste Management

Startup Solutions for Effective Waste Management

The Kerala government has taken a significant step towards improving waste management practices by collaborating with two startups registered under the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). The initiative is part of the Malinya Muktha Nava Keralam project, which aims to make Kerala the cleanest state in India.

Starbase Innovation Pvt Ltd and Invendoi AI Solutions Pvt Ltd have been selected to provide digital tools to enhance waste management efforts across local bodies in Kerala. Star Base specializes in real-time waste collection and transportation tracking, while Invendoi has developed an AI-based application to improve monitoring at various waste management facilities.

Digital Platform for Waste Management Tracking

Nithin Anil, founder and director of Starbase Innovation Pvt Ltd, introduced SWASTHA, an end-to-end digital platform for waste management. SWASTHA utilizes QR codes deployed at each household by Harithamithram to track collected waste to recycling units. Through dedicated apps for waste collectors, supervisors, and plant operators, data is seamlessly fed at each stage of waste collection, ensuring efficient waste management.

Addressing Landfill Issues

Star Base aims to tackle the landfill problem in Kerala by redirecting waste to recycling plants instead of dumping it at Brahmapuram. For instance, biowaste is repurposed into manure through specialized units. By connecting existing waste recycling units digitally via their app, Starbase aims to create a comprehensive waste management ecosystem across the state.

Commercialization and Impact

Star Base has successfully commercialized its product and operational in Kochi for over a year, collaborating with CREDAI and Clean City. The collected food waste is converted into manure and distributed to farmers, reducing landfill waste.

Future Integration and Expansion

Nithin Anil affirmed the company’s commitment to integrating the digital platform with local bodies across Kerala by the end of the month. The partnership with the government will facilitate seamless data migration from Harithamithram to the new portal, ensuring widespread adoption of innovative waste management practices.

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