Juniper Green Energy Secures 320 MW PPA with SJVN

Juniper Green Energy Secures 320 MW PPA with SJVN

Juniper Green Energy achieved a great Milestone Agreement.

Juniper Green Energy, a leading independent renewable energy power producer, has reached a significant milestone: It has secured a power purchase agreement (PPA) with state-run SJVN to supply 320 megawatts (MW) of firm and dispatchable renewable energy (FDRE) for 25 years. This strategic deal, secured at a tariff of ₹4.38 per unit, not only reaffirms Juniper’s unwavering commitment to sustainable energy but also sets the stage for its strategic growth objectives, making it a key player in the renewable energy sector.

Project Scope and Environmental Impact

This landmark agreement sets the stage for developing approximately 1 gigawatt (GW) capacity across Gujarat and Rajasthan, reinforcing India’s renewable energy ambitions. The project, comprising 150 MW of solar power capacity in Gujarat and 780 MW in Rajasthan, will leverage a mix of solar, wind, and battery technologies. Anticipating an annual generation of 2,179 million units (MU), Juniper Green Energy’s initiative is projected to make a significant environmental impact, offsetting around 20,41,811 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and contributing to environmental conservation and climate action.

Community Development and Regional Sustainability

Juniper’s renewable energy initiatives are not just about environmental benefits. They are also about fostering community development and supporting regional sustainability efforts. These initiatives aim to enhance energy access for approximately 4.34 lakh households, demonstrating Juniper’s commitment to inclusive growth and its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Expansion into Complex Renewable Solutions

CEO Naresh Mansukhani emphasized the strategic significance of the PPA with SJVN, highlighting Juniper’s capability to undertake and deliver large-scale, impactful hybrid projects. By integrating solar, wind, and battery storage technologies, Juniper aims to advance the national agenda for a sustainable future, driving innovation and resilience in India’s renewable energy landscape.

Juniper Green Energy Pivotal Role in Renewable Energy

Juniper Green Energy’s operational portfolio, currently standing at about 1 GW, coupled with an under-construction capacity of 1.5 GW and a development pipeline of close to 5.5 GW, underscores its pivotal role in driving transformative change in the renewable energy sector. With end-to-end competencies in engineering, procurement, construction, and operation and maintenance services, Juniper continues to pioneer sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener future, inspiring the audience with its impactful contributions.

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