LL Foundation sponsors 15 climate-impacting startups

JLL Foundation sponsors 15 climate-impacting startups

JLL Foundation, a non-profit formed and supported by JLL (NYSE: JLL), released its first Annual Report, summarising its 2022 impact investing initiatives in climate change and the built environment.

JLL Foundation worked with 15 entrepreneurial enterprises in its first year to mitigate climate change. 53% are decreasing trash, 40% are decarbonizing the building industry, 33% are cutting water consumption, and 33% are making a social impact. These companies establish a clean economy, produce green jobs and construction, revolutionize food, packaging, and agricultural systems, and innovate tech to measure and drive change.

Because government funding is sluggish or venture capitalists see too much danger or need more return, early-stage enterprises often run out of money between funding rounds. On the premise that small sums of funding make a huge difference to early-stage firms, JLL Foundation provides zero-interest loans.

Companies have been able to advance climate-positive business goals since getting loans. In 2022, entrepreneurs and early-stage enterprises received loans that helped them gain more capital from for-profit companies and foundations. Climate action, healthy spaces, and inclusive places are JLL’s guiding values for a better future, which fit with the Foundation’s goal.

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