India's Renewable Energy Leader Adani Green Energy Surpasses 10,000 MW Milestone

India’s Renewable Energy Leader Adani Green Energy Surpasses 10,000 MW Milestone

Renewable Energy Leader Surpasses 10,000 MW Milestone

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), India’s foremost renewable energy company, achieves a monumental milestone by surpassing 10,000 megawatts (MW) of operational portfolio, marking a significant leap towards the nation’s clean energy goals.

A Sustainable Achievement

AGEL’s operational portfolio encompasses 7,393 MW solar, 1,401 MW wind, and 2,140 MW wind-solar hybrid capacity, totaling 10,934 MW. This substantial capacity is a testament to AGEL’s commitment to delivering reliable, affordable, and clean power to millions of homes while mitigating approximately 21 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Driving Clean Energy Transition

Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group, expresses pride in AGEL’s groundbreaking accomplishment, emphasizing its pivotal role in India’s transition to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. AGEL’s ambitious vision extends to achieving 45,000 MW of renewable energy by 2030, with the forthcoming construction of the world’s largest renewable energy plant in Khavda, Gujarat, a monumental 30,000 MW project.

Sustainable Practices and Social Impact

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, AGEL prioritizes sustainable practices across its operations. From being certified ‘single-use plastic free’ to ‘water positive’ and ‘zero waste-to-landfill,’ AGEL exemplifies a holistic approach to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, creating over 3,200 direct green jobs.

Pioneering Renewable Energy Projects

AGEL’s track record of landmark projects includes the world’s largest single-location hybrid RE cluster in FY16 and the world’s largest single-location RE project in FY23. With the ongoing development of the world’s largest solar plant at Khavda, AGEL continues to push the boundaries of renewable energy infrastructure.

Leveraging Innovation and Collaboration

AGEL leverages innovative technology, execution capabilities, and a robust supply chain network to drive the clean energy transition on a massive scale. Collaborations with Adani Infra, Adani New Industries Limited, and strategic partners enhance project execution and operational excellence, ensuring timely delivery of renewable energy projects.

Leading the Clean Energy Charge

As India’s largest renewable energy company, AGEL’s achievement of surpassing 10,000 MW operational portfolio underscores its commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. With a bold vision for the future and a relentless pursuit of clean energy innovation, AGEL continues to redefine the renewable energy landscape, setting new benchmarks for the global industry.

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