India moves up two spots on Climate Change Performance

India moves up two spots on Climate Change Performance

According to the Climate Change Performance Index 2023, India increased by two points to take eighth place out of 63 nations (CCPI). The nation received a “high” rating in greenhouse gas emissions and energy use categories. It received a “medium” rating in climate policy and renewable energy.

Fifty-nine nations and the European Union, which account for more than 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions, are evaluated by the CCPI. Using standardized criteria, the CCPI examines four categories—Greenhouse Gas Emissions, #RenewableEnergy, Energy Use, and #ClimatePolicy and 14 other indicators. It monitors how various nations are carrying out the Paris Agreement.

According to the Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute & Climate Action Network index assessment, the nation is on track to reach its 2030 emissions targets (compatible with a well-below two °C scenario). India held the tenth position in 2022 and 2021. It came in ninth place on the list in 2020.

India’s Nationally Determined Contribution has been modified after it signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 (NDC). The nation committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2070 during the COP26 Summit in Glasgow. The nation’s experts welcome new targets and political cues to take action on climate change. India scored a medium in the category of renewable energy. However, the index study noted that the nation had included renewables targets in its amended NDC.

India came in ninth place for greenhouse gas emissions. It was included at the 24th and ninth stops under Renewable Energy and Energy Use, respectively. And India came in ninth place for climate policy. Sweden came in second with 73.28 points, ahead of fourth-placed Denmark with 79.61. India received a score of 67.35. The research also stated that for India to do better, it must implement a carbon price mechanism and increase its subnational capacity.

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