Haryana's Pioneering Initiative of Pension Scheme for Trees Aged 75 and Older

Haryana’s Pioneering Initiative of Pension Scheme for Trees Aged 75 and Older

Haryana government introduced a groundbreaking initiative, the “Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme.”

This scheme offers a pension to venerable trees aged 75 years or older residing on the properties of Haryana’s residents. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar inaugurated this visionary endeavor to provide Rs 2,750 annually for the “maintenance and care” of around 3,810 eligible trees. Like an old-age pension, this allowance will witness annual increments, emphasizing the state’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Haryana has set an inspiring precedent by becoming the first state to introduce a scheme dedicated to preserving and protecting aging trees. Chief Minister Khattar highlighted the importance of this pioneering initiative in safeguarding the environment. He underlined the critical role of trees, especially older ones, in producing oxygen, a life-sustaining element. These aging trees release substantial amounts of oxygen, contributing significantly to the well-being of our planet.

Applying for the Tree Pension Scheme

Haryana residents with trees aged 75 years or older gracing their courtyards are encouraged to apply for the tree pension. The application process entails a visit to the respective district forest department offices. Each application will undergo a meticulous review by a committee to ensure that all criteria are met before the beneficiary receives their pension. Once approved, the pension will be deposited into the guardian’s account.

Underlining the government’s proactive stance on eco-friendly initiatives, Chief Minister Khattar urged the people of Haryana to participate in tree plantation efforts actively. He emphasized the significance of safeguarding the environment through such endeavors. The tree pension scheme aligns with Haryana’s commitment to preserving its rich ecological heritage.

The Pran Vayu Devata trees represent approximately 40 diverse species, each of substantial ecological significance. These trees include Peepal, Banyan, Neem, Mango, Jaal, Gular, Krishna Kadamba, and Pilkhan. Their contribution to the environment cannot be understated, making them deserving recipients of this innovative pension scheme. These trees are located on various types of land, from private and panchayat holdings to institutional and government properties. Just to let you know, this scheme does not cover trees in forested areas.

A Vision for Environmental Sustainability

The introduction of the Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme in Haryana is a testament to the state’s vision for environmental sustainability. This pioneering initiative recognizes the intrinsic value of trees, particularly aging ones, and aims to ensure their care and longevity. By providing a pension for these trees, Haryana sets a remarkable example of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Haryana’s tree pension scheme is a visionary approach to acknowledge the vital role of trees in our ecosystem. As we celebrate the protection and care of aging trees, we also salute Haryana’s commitment to safeguarding the environment for present and future generations. This initiative symbolizes a harmonious union between man and nature.

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