Good news for Climate Tech Startups

Good news for Climate Tech Startups

To make it simple for investors to participate in climate innovation firms, the venture capital firm Climate Angels has created unique syndicates. The syndicates emphasizing #climatetech were established when the Modi-led administration wanted to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. Climate Angels will write off checks between INR 3 Cr ($375K) and INR 10 Cr ($1.2 Mn) in these syndicates for firms focusing on climate technology over six years. Climate Angels also enable investors to participate in startup funding rounds or run their own syndicates using the VC company, including angel investors and corporations active in the energy, cleantech, and other related areas.

Conscientious investors, including senior executives, HNIs, family offices, and others, are looking for chances to fund climate tech businesses for the green cause after realizing the need to reduce carbon emissions. Notably, SEBI requires that angel investors adhere to accreditation standards and make investments through authorized climate angel funds.

Climate Angels is a venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs in sustainable energy, mobility, water, food, and other related industries. It was founded by seasoned investors and venture capitalists Shailesh Vickram Singh, Pravin Gandhi, Paula Mariwala, Nipun Sahni, and Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Most of its founders also work as full-time investors and entrepreneurs and run Climate Angels.

According to Climate Angels, angel investors interested in funding climate entrepreneurs can now do so through Climate Angels with little to no hassle. They can either participate in the investment round led by renowned institutional investors or use the platform to organize their syndicates. These investors may now access the deal flow of climate startups seeking funding.

The worldwide venture capital investment industry for climate technology is growing. Before 2021, there were only 14 new climate tech unicorns; by 2021, there were 29. Though climate technology is still in its infancy in India, two $25 million transactions in electric mobility occurred in June 2022.

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