FaBriEco Unleashed Turning Textile Waste into Gold

FaBriEco Unleashed: Turning Textile Waste into Gold

Redefining Sustainable Innovation: FaBriEco – A Transformative Collaboration

In a profound stride towards sustainable innovation, Sri Lanka’s largest integrated textile manufacturer, Hayleys Fabric PLC, has partnered with Pro Green Laboratory at the University of Moratuwa. Together, they are set to revolutionize waste management by upcycling industrial waste into eco-friendly construction materials. Under the banner of FaBriEco, this transformative alliance is poised to reshape the textile industry and drive forward the principles of circular economy and environmental responsibility.

FaBriEco: A Vision of Sustainability

The FaBriEco initiative aims to harness the potential of industrial waste, specifically dye waste, fabric waste, and fly ash generated in the textile industry. By leveraging the groundbreaking research led by Professor Rangika U. Halwatura at Pro Green Laboratory, the partnership intends to develop low-cost, eco-conscious products tailored for the local market. Professor Halwatura’s portfolio of sustainable inventions includes mud concrete blocks and polymerized self-compacting mud blocks, setting the stage for innovative solutions in waste utilization.

Hayleys Fabric Managing Director/CEO Rohan Goonetilleke emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership is the first step in a transformative journey towards a greener future for our nation and our industry. By linking our sustainability team with Pro Green Labs, we hope to spearhead a paradigm shift in waste management and product development which could potentially catalyze the emergence of a truly circular economy.”

The partnership signals a move from conventional waste management practices towards a model where waste, once considered toxic and hazardous, can be transformed into a sustainable construction material.

Concrete Blocks from Waste: A Sustainable Breakthrough

One of the primary outcomes of this collaboration is the creation of concrete blocks crafted from dye waste, fabric waste, and fly ash, all byproducts of the textile industry. This endeavor builds upon the groundbreaking research conducted at Pro Green Laboratory, with plans to explore additional applications and uses for these sustainable materials.

Professor Halwatura expresses his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are poised to unlock solutions that can revolutionize the textile industry and together have the potential to develop eco-friendly technologies that transform waste into valuable resources, leading to a more circular and sustainable economy.”

The combined strengths of Hayleys Fabric and Pro Green Laboratory, fueled by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation, position them to pioneer transformative solutions with far-reaching impacts on the industry.

A Commitment to Sustainability

For Hayleys Fabric, FaBriEco is the latest addition to an extensive portfolio of sustainable initiatives aligning with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. Inspired by the Hayleys Lifecode and a dedication to environmental and social responsibility, the company has consistently pursued innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed; Hayleys Fabric was recognized by ISPO Textrends, a prominent German platform for high-performance fabrics, for their dedication to sustainable practices. Their natural mahogany dye, a part of their organic, eco-friendly fabric line, earned a spot among the Top 10 innovations for ISPO Textrends 2024.

In addition to these accolades, Hayleys Fabric has invested over Rs. 5 million in laboratory equipment and has sponsored various postgraduate research programs, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable innovation.

Pro Green Laboratory: A Hub of Sustainability

Established in 2016 under the Civil Department of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa, Pro Green Laboratory has been at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Led by Professor Rangika Umesh Halwatura, a renowned researcher, the laboratory has secured numerous local and international patents, solidifying its position as a sustainable research and development leader in Sri Lanka.

Hayleys Fabric PLC: A Textile Manufacturing Pioneer

Hayleys Fabric PLC, a trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s textile manufacturing sector, is a crucial partner to globally recognized fashion and apparel brands. With the ability to provide end-to-end solutions, from design to manufacture, the company is the first apparel sector company listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 2003. With a monthly production capacity exceeding 5.5 million cotton and synthetic fabrics, Hayleys Fabric Group is the largest manufacturer in the country.

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