EKI Energy Hits $1 Billion Valuation making it the most significant Carbon Managament firm

EKI Energy Hits a $1 Billion Valuation, making it the most significant Carbon management firm

EKI Energy becomes India’s most significant Carbon Management firm

EKI Energy Services Ltd (EKIESL), also known as EnKing International, has reached a significant milestone by attaining a valuation of USD 1 billion on the Indian stock exchanges. Based in Indore, this climate change advisory firm has emerged as India’s most significant carbon management company, marking its rapid ascent within the industry.

Rapid Growth Trajectory and Strategic Ventures

In a mere nine months since its debut on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in April 2021, EKIESL has showcased remarkable growth, positioning itself among India’s top 90 companies with a market capitalization of $1 billion. Its successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), oversubscribed by 3.5 times in 2021, and exponential stock returns have propelled its Valuation, reflecting investor confidence and the market’s hunger for climate-focused enterprises.

Leading the Carbon Market and Global Expansion

As a leading global carbon credit developer and supplier, EKIESL has witnessed an impressive revenue growth of 189% year-on-year, reaching approximately Rs 190 crore in FY 20-21. What sets us apart is our unique approach to carbon management and sustainability. We don’t just provide carbon credits; we develop comprehensive strategies tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring they achieve their sustainability goals while maximizing their business potential. With a robust portfolio of strategic projects, including a joint venture with Fortune 5 company Royal Dutch Shell, EKIESL is pioneering innovative solutions in carbon asset management and sustainability, instilling confidence in its prospects.

Furthermore, EKIESL’s establishment of an offshore subsidiary in Dubai is a testament to its commitment to global expansion and its pivotal role in shaping the carbon market landscape worldwide. As the world increasingly prioritizes climate action, EKIESL stands at the forefront, offering strategic solutions to over 2,500 companies globally. These solutions have facilitated their carbon neutrality and sustainability journey, reducing their carbon footprint by an average of 30%.

With this remarkable valuation milestone, EKI Energy Services Ltd (EKIESL) not only reaffirms its status as a trailblazer in climate management but also its commitment to actively accelerate the transition to a greener, more sustainable future. It is poised to drive transformative change, inspiring others to follow suit.

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