Climes’ climbs on the Carbon mitigation carriage

‘Climes’ climbs on the Carbon mitigation carriage

Because of the numerous natural disasters like floods and forest fires that are all fatal effects of climate change, carbon mitigation is urgently needed. In large part due to careless human behavior, carbon emissions are at an all-time high. The main reason for climate change is this. Governments, organizations, and people worldwide must take educated and responsible climate action to ensure both our future and the future of the next generation. One of the few Indian companies that offer carbon mitigation with only one click is Climes. To increase consumer demand for carbon credits, it offers online retailers carbon neutralization services at the point of sale.

People are now more conscious of the adverse effects that climate change may have on our lives than they were a few years ago. This persuades them to lead active lives that contribute positively to the environment. However, there is still a disconnect between intent and action because taking climate action is not feasible. Here’s where climate tech firms like Climes come into play.

Siddhanth Jayaram and Anirudh Gupta jointly founded Climes. Anirudh Gupta is a resident of Delhi and a UC Berkeley alumnus. Before helping to start Climes, he was employed by Airbus Defence and Space. Anirudh originally became curious about climate change in 2016 while trying to include sustainable lifestyle choices. Bangalore-based Siddhanth Jayaram has been actively monitoring the climate catastrophe for more than ten years. Siddhanth has distinctively entered the climate-tech sector, with a history in investing and an Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University in Indiana.

In 2020, Anirudh changed his career focus to environmental protection. To hasten the widespread acceptance of sustainable practices and solutions, he co-founded The Sustainability Mafia, a nonprofit that supports the networking of sustainable leaders and entrepreneurs throughout India. His “aha” moment came when he realized that empowering people to make decisions that are “little enough to do, big enough to matter” is the key to achieving universal climate action.

Several well-known companies, including MakeMyTrip, Zingbus, and Smartivity, have teamed up with Climes to give their consumers the option to reduce their carbon footprints. Due to its success, Climes has attracted more than 60,000 individuals to use its services to offset their carbon emissions. As a result, the atmosphere of Earth has lost more than 625,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

While many companies have begun to take action to lessen their carbon footprints, working with Climes is revolutionary for several reasons. One benefit is that it pushes businesses to be open and honest with consumers about the environmental impact of their goods and services. Forward-thinking companies are opting to be transparent about emissions rather than trying to avoid the reality. Additionally, Climes urges businesses to adopt eco-friendly procedures that will lessen the emissions generated by their goods.

This climate technology firm is bridging the gap between consumer intent and action by allowing customers to support high-quality carbon removal technologies through regular consumption. The new creditworthiness is climate awareness. Customers in India are growing more environmentally concerned and are willing to pay more for sustainable options. Thus, by providing their services, Climes also assists individuals in making decisions that benefit the environment.

By assisting each partnered company to offset its inevitable carbon emissions, Climes hopes to achieve its goal of 100+ brand integrations. Additionally, people today are consciously selecting their companies based on how climate and environment-friendly they are. This has encouraged businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Brands that don’t have a genuine commitment to sustainability and a beneficial impact on the climate are losing customers. With its plug-and-play technology stack, Climes envisions a time when the typical customer may make tiny, individual decisions that significantly impact global efforts to save the environment.

People, businesses, and governments are working to reduce the carbon emissions that are heating our world thanks to the initiatives and efforts of organizations like Climes, which adopt climate-positive activities.

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