BEST is the official transport partner for G20 delegates in Mumbai

BEST is the official transport partner for G20 delegates in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) undertaking in Mumbai has been responsible for serving as the official transport partner for the G20 meetings held in the city from May 21 to May 23.

The recently introduced app-based premium service BEST offers includes high-end electric air-conditioned and electric buses tasked with transporting the delegates. These buses run along numerous routes around the city, including Thane-BKC and Kharghar-Airport, and they provide service to passengers traveling to and from the airport and office workers.

BEST reportedly runs the largest fleet of electric buses in India, which consists of 464 buses and 56 premium buses, as stated by a senior executive. The BEST bus service in Mumbai has set a goal to convert half of its fleet to electric propulsion by the end of this year, with the long-term purpose of converting all 10,000 of its buses to electric propulsion by 2026. The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), launched by the Ministry of Environment of the Government of India, is responsible for acquiring these buses. Once put into action, this visionary strategy will contribute to the reduction of 6.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and the saving of 6,000 million tonnes of fossil fuel. As a consequence of this, BEST has the potential to accumulate carbon credits proportional to the quantity of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere. The company has devised a strategy to monetize these carbon credits and estimates it would bring in Rs. 500 crores in revenue over the next decade.

Officials from BEST have stated that this outstanding accomplishment not only reaffirms BEST’s dedication to preserving the environment but also underlines India’s dedication to promoting sustainable development. The fact that the delegates of the G20 have chosen to partner with BEST for their city transport needs is a testimonial to the premium electric bus service provided by BEST and to the quality and dependability of that service.

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