BASF Expands Eco Balanced Portfolio for Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

BASF Expands Eco Balanced Portfolio for Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Eco Balanced Portfolio for sustainable cleaning solutions

BASF, a global leader in chemical innovation, is doubling its commitment to sustainability by expanding its lineup of biomass-balanced ingredients tailored for the detergent and cleaning industry and industrial formulators across Europe. This significant expansion not only underscores BASF’s dedication to driving environmental progress but also reassures stakeholders of our unwavering commitment to supporting customers in achieving sustainability goals without compromising product performance.

Advancing Environmental Responsibility

The expanded EcoBalanced portfolio is a testament to BASF’s efforts to accelerate the transition from fossil raw materials to renewable resources. By swapping out fossil-based ingredients for renewable alternatives derived from organic waste and other sustainable sources, BASF is significantly reducing the carbon footprint of its products. This move aligns with consumers’ growing demand for eco-friendly solutions and reflects BASF’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

EcoBalanced Products: Performance and Sustainability

BASF’s EcoBalanced products offer customers a win-win solution, combining exceptional performance with sustainability benefits. With around 20 biomass-balanced products in its portfolio, BASF ensures that each item maintains the same high quality and effectiveness as its conventional counterparts. What sets EcoBalanced products apart is their reduced carbon footprint, with some products achieving one hundred percent reduction. Moreover, these products seamlessly integrate into existing formulations without reformulation, empowering customers to transition to sustainability with ease and confidence.

Certified Sustainability Standards

Both the attribution process and the EcoBalanced products adhere to rigorous sustainability standards. Certified by TÜV Nord and meeting the criteria of the global REDcert scheme, BASF’s biomass-balanced products undergo a thorough certification process. This process ensures compliance with industry-leading sustainability guidelines, providing stakeholders with the assurance of the quality and sustainability of our products. The TÜV Nord certification further validates BASF’s commitment to transparency, reliability, and environmental responsibility in its product offerings.

Care 360°: Solutions for Sustainable Life

BASF’s Care Chemicals division is not just a part of the solution, it’s leading the way. Sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and collaboration are at the heart of Care 360°, a holistic approach promoting sustainable living. Through initiatives like the EcoBalanced portfolio, BASF is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to driving positive change and fostering a more sustainable future for future generations.

About BASF’s Care Chemicals Division

The Care Chemicals division at BASF offers a wide range of ingredients for personal care, home care, industrial and institutional cleaning, and technical applications. As a leading global supplier, BASF provides innovative and sustainable products to support customers in various industries. With a focus on performance, quality, and environmental responsibility, BASF continues to lead the way in chemical innovation for a brighter, cleaner future.

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