Bangkok Airways' Eco-Revolution Takes Flight!

Bangkok Airways’ Eco-Revolution Takes Flight!

Bangkok Airways Champions Sustainability Through Upcycled Uniforms


Flying Towards a Greener Future

Bangkok Airways, the renowned airline, is soaring to new heights in its commitment to sustainability. The airline has undertaken a unique initiative to bolster its net zero goals—transforming its used staff uniforms into various innovative products. This move underscores Bangkok Airways’ dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-conscious practices. The airline joins a growing trend in the aviation industry, where airlines are exploring innovative ways to embrace sustainability.

From Uniforms to Sustainability

Bangkok Airways’ innovative stride involves repurposing its used staff uniforms, contributing to a circular economy. This endeavor aligns with the airline’s “Fly Net Zero 2050” campaign, a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By repurposing uniforms, the airline reduces its environmental impact and emphasizes its commitment to responsible waste management.

Elevating the Passenger Experience

Bangkok Airways introduced a “Drop Box” project in its Boutique Lounges at Suvarnabhumi Airport as part of its sustainability drive. These drop boxes encourage passengers to deposit used plastic water bottles and recyclable materials, which will be integrated into the airline’s waste management program. This collaborative effort transforms passengers into active participants in the airline’s sustainability journey.

Designing Waste Segregation Solutions

Bangkok Airways is continuing with uniforms and drop boxes. The airline has also initiated the “Waste Segregation for Wonderful Benefits” project. This initiative involves installing waste-sorting bins at its boutique passenger lounges. The airline aims to minimize environmental impact by promoting waste segregation and inspiring passengers to adopt greener practices.

A Collaborative Approach to Sustainability

Mrs. Ariya Prasarttong-Osoth, Executive Committee member and Chairperson of Corporate Social Responsibility at Bangkok Airways elaborated on the significance of these initiatives. She emphasized the airline’s dedication to the circular economy and the transformative power of upcycling: “We invited our staff to donate their used uniforms so that we can have those old uniforms transformed into new products through upcycling processes. This project not only promotes the idea of circular economy as we take something already made and then turn it into a new item to use in our business.”

Empowering a Circular Economy

Bangkok Airways has partnered with Circular Industry Company Limited, a biotech firm, to bring its upcycling vision to life. This partnership promotes a circular economy by repurposing materials to create new products. The airline’s commitment to the circular economy reflects its aspiration to “Connect Your Happiness” and contribute to a sustainable future.

Environmental Impact: Numbers That Matter

The upcycling process has yielded remarkable results. Over 150 kilograms of used uniforms were repurposed, avoiding bleaching and preventing microplastic production. This endeavor produced approximately 300 innovative items, including limited-edition aprons, totes, and water cup bags. The environmental benefits are equally striking—saving 307.44 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and conserving 1,826 kW of electricity.

Embracing a Sustainable Skyline

Bangkok Airways’ pursuit of sustainability continues beyond the skies. Its commitment to transforming used uniforms into valuable products exemplifies its dedication to reducing environmental impact. The airline collaborates with Circular Industry Company Limited and empowers passengers to contribute, creating a more sustainable journey for everyone involved.

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