Amazon Partners with IWAI for Eco-Friendly Water Transport Boosting Sustainable Logistics

Amazon Partners with IWAI for Eco-Friendly Water Transport Boosting Sustainable Logistics

Boosting Sustainable Logistics

Amazon, the global E-commerce giant, has embarked on a groundbreaking venture by entering into a strategic partnership with the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI). This collaboration signifies a paradigm shift in the delivery landscape, emphasizing eco-friendly water transport for the movement of goods.

In an official statement, Sarbananda Sonowal, the Minister of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, revealed that the maiden voyage of the e-commerce cargo vessel is imminent, with the route spanning from Patna to Kolkata. The primary objective of this innovative collaboration is to leverage the efficiency and sustainability of water transportation to optimize logistics, reduce environmental impacts, and catalyze economic growth.

Eco-Friendly Transportation: A Sustainable Solution

The statement underscores the environmental benefits of water transport, citing it as the most eco-friendly mode of transportation. Water transport consumes significantly less fuel than rail and road transport, with 18.5% and 91.6% higher fuel consumption, respectively. Sonowal emphasized the importance of this collaboration in providing artisans, entrepreneurs, and traders from India’s inland regions with an efficient and affordable means of selling their goods in broader markets, both domestically and internationally.

As part of the Sagarmala project, the government has initiated 113 projects, amounting to ₹7,030 crore, to expedite water transportation. Of these, 15 projects worth ₹1,100 crore have been completed, while 32 projects worth ₹3,900 crore are currently in progress. The initiative reduces Amazon’s transportation expenses and paves the way for other e-commerce firms to tap into India’s extensive inland waterways.

Fostering Innovation for the E-commerce Sector

The collaboration between IWAI and Amazon extends beyond traditional logistics. The partners are committed to exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions that align with the evolving needs of the e-commerce sector. This initiative aims to create an environmentally friendly and robust logistics ecosystem.

Sonowal expressed confidence in the collaboration’s potential, stating, “With the commencement of this service, the craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and traders from India’s inland regions will have a chance to conveniently and affordably sell their goods in a broader market, both domestically and internationally, through an efficient means of transportation.”

As Amazon pioneers eco-friendly water transport, the implications of this collaboration are expected to resonate not only in enhanced logistics but also in sustainable practices that benefit both the economy and the environment.


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