Adani Green Revolutionizes Solar Maintenance with Water-Free Robotic Cleaning

Adani Green Revolutionizes Solar Maintenance with Water-Free Robotic Cleaning

Solar Maintenance with Water-Free Robotic Cleaning

In a groundbreaking endeavor to make green energy generation more sustainable, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) is spearheading an initiative to revolutionize the maintenance of its solar portfolio. The company is harnessing advanced technologies, particularly water-free robotic cleaning systems, to minimize the water footprint associated with solar module upkeep.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, AGEL aims to reduce water consumption for solar module maintenance to zero. This initiative is significant for operational solar and hybrid sites, especially in arid regions like Rajasthan and Kutch in Gujarat, where renewable water sources are scarce. AGEL aims to optimize logistics, lower environmental impact, and foster economic growth by deploying water-free robotic cleaning systems.

Current Adoption and Water Savings

The water-free robotic cleaning technology has already been implemented in 30% of AGEL’s operational solar and hybrid plants, equivalent to 2,070 MW out of the total 7,043 MW (solar + solar component of hybrid plants). This adoption is expected to save a staggering 283 million liters of water annually. The saved volume is equivalent to the water requirements of 2.7 million households every year, showcasing the substantial impact of AGEL’s technological innovation.

To enhance its water-free robotic cleaning capabilities, AGEL is set to enter an agreement with an Israeli firm, which is anticipated to be around 0.80 million USD. The collaboration aims to supply and install robots for a 150 MW under-construction site in Phalodi, near Jodhpur. AGEL’s commitment to advanced technology for sustainable practices is evident in the ongoing installation work at the hybrid plant in Jaisalmer.

Water Stewardship and Environmental Responsibility

Apart from the technological innovations, AGEL has been actively engaged in water stewardship activities, aligning with UN sustainable development goals (SDG) 6 on sustainable water management. The company achieved water-positive certification for plants exceeding 200 MW from DNV, an independent global assurance agency, in FY23.

AGEL’s forward-looking approach includes minimizing the water footprint across operational plants and exploring ways to reduce water usage in upcoming projects. The strategic emphasis on leveraging robotic cleaning to eliminate water usage nearly underscores AGEL’s commitment to mitigating climate change risks and building a cleaner planet for future generations.

As AGEL positions itself as a key player in India’s renewable energy landscape, the company’s investment in research, innovation, and advanced technology reflects the industry’s potential for sustainable growth. The adoption of water-free robotic cleaning signifies a step towards achieving renewable energy goals while addressing critical environmental challenges.

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