Purna Farm Cultivating Abundance in the Heart of Sustainability

Purna Farm : Cultivating Abundance in the Heart of Sustainability

Smita Mehetre’s Journey from Lockdown Epiphany to Purna Farm – A Beacon of Sustainable Living

In the quiet embrace of nature, where the soil breathes life, Smita Mehetre is crafting a haven of sustainability named Purna Farm. Purna, meaning complete abundance, is not just a farm; it’s a vision and a commitment to transform barren land into a self-sustainable oasis teeming with organic produce. Smita’s journey from a deep-seated desire to grow her food to creating Purna Farm is a tale of resilience, innovation, and the profound impact of lockdown on her life.

Genesis of the Idea: A Lockdown Gift of Abundance

In the chaos of lockdowns and uncertainty, Smita found her silver lining—a piece of land that would become the canvas for her sustainable dream. Purna Farm emerged as a lockdown gift, manifesting Smita’s lifelong inclination towards growing her food. Inspired by childhood memories spent on her grandfather’s farm and fueled by the desire to escape the chemical-laden produce of the market, she decided to take the plunge into sustainable farming.

The lockdown highlighted the feasibility of remote work and expedited Smita’s vision for Purna Farm. What might have taken another decade was catapulted into reality. It became a sanctuary where the ethos of sustainable living could be practiced and shared.

Smita Mehetre – A Steward of Sustainability

At the helm of Purna Farm is Smita Mehetre, an M.Sc. in Environmental Science whose journey has been shaped by extensive work in rural India and a deep love for the slow life. A practitioner of Iyengar yoga, Smita is not just a farmer but a steward of sustainability, infusing every aspect of her life with a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Cultivating Abundance: A Zero-Waste Farm

Purna Farm stands as a testament to the philosophy of zero-waste living. Beyond just growing organic food, the farm practices the art of repurposing and reusing materials that would typically be discarded. From grain and vegetables to fruits and cold-pressed oil, Purna Farm is a laboratory of sustainable living where every byproduct finds purpose, even extending to handicrafts.

But Purna Farm is more than just a plot of land; it’s a platform for knowledge sharing and experiential learning. It has hosted star-gazing parties, welcomed groups for harvesting experiences, and, in the future, promises to be a haven where people can connect with nature while gaining valuable insights.

Significant Achievements: Growing More Than Crops

The achievements of Purna Farm extend beyond the boundaries of traditional farming. It’s not just about the crops grown and harvested but about creating a sustainable ecosystem. Purna Farm is a living laboratory of sustainable practices, from cold-pressed oils to handicrafts made from byproducts.

Future Plans: A Blueprint for Sustainable Living

As Purna Farm grows, so do its aspirations. Smita envisions a future where Purna becomes a haven for those seeking sustainable living:

1. Farm Stay/Minimalistic Living Experience: Purna Farm plans to offer a farm stay experience, providing a firsthand look into comfortable and minimalistic living.

2. Barter System for Rent and Food: Encouraging a barter system where individuals can exchange their skills for rent and food, fostering a community built on shared strengths.

3. More with Less: Purna Farm aims to inspire a philosophy of ‘more with less,’ promoting the idea that abundance can be found in simplicity.

4. Detox and Declutter: Beyond the physical, Purna Farm envisions detoxing and decluttering the mind and soul through natural experiences.

5. Carbon Neutral Cooking and Living: With a commitment to carbon-neutral practices, Purna Farm aspires to lead in sustainable cooking and living.

6. Zero-Waste Farm Stay Objectives: As the farm stay becomes a full-time reality, the objectives include becoming a trailblazer in sustainability, zero-waste living, and minimalistic living.

Purna Farm is not just a place; it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a beacon of hope for a future where the connection with nature is revitalized. As it expands its offerings and impact, Purna Farm is set to inspire individuals to embrace a life where abundance is not just about what we have but how we choose to live with it, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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